Sell your Machine With Us

Please read these “Questions & Answers” carefully before you Sell Your Used Metal Working Machinery with us.

What happens when I submit my machine for approval?

  • We will add your machine to our online catalog by placing it into the proper category.
  • We will format all pictures, enter all details and specifications properly into our website.
  • We will include your machine in our Weekly Newsletter until it is sold.

Fun Fact: Our job is to find a buyer for your machine Fast! The sooner the better.

What else do you do so my machine sells fast?

  • Our website is visited hundreds of times a day by potential buyers all over North America; however, we do more than just sit here and wait for the phone to ring.
  • We let our own potential customers know that your machine has become available.
  • We send quotes and emails to anyone we can think of is looking for your machine.
  • We advertise your machine to over 2,500 dealers all across North America. They might know someone that is interested on a machine just like yours.
  • We basically expose your machine to anyone we can think of.

How does “Buy My Used Machine” make money?

  • If we sell your Used Metal Working Machinery for you, we charge a 10% Commission Fee.
  • The 10% commission is deducted from the Asking Price.
  • If you set an asking price of $50,000.00 and we sell your machine for you, we make $5,000.00 and you make $45,000.00.
  • Our goal is to keep the price of your machine low to potential buyers.

What else do you do for me?

  • We handle all of the transactions related to the buyer.
  • We invoice them; we collect from them, we work out all of the logistics and transportation with them.
  • We make it very simple for you.

Invoicing and Payment:

  • As a seller, you will need to provide a proper invoice to Onix Machinery Ltd. (“Buy My Used Machine”) only when the machine is sold.
  • The invoice must have the following information:
    • Company Name, Billing Address, Phone Number, Invoice #, Business Number.
  • It must show the description of the machine, asking price minus the 10% Commission Fee + Applicable Provincial Sales Taxes.
  • We do all of our payments via Bank transfers, Wire Transfers or E.F.T. (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Machine Ownership:

  • The machine must be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.
  • Please provide proper documentation stating any outstanding leasing information on the machine listed above if applicable.

Please Note: The machine does not ship from your shop until full payment is received from the buyer.

Decommissioning, Rigging/Loading, Transportation:

  • Decommissioning:
    • You are 100% responsible for decommissioning and preparing the machine for shipping.
    • The machine must be somewhat clean before shipment.
    • All exposed metal parts such as shear blades, Press Brake Tooling, Nose Bars, etc. should all be sprayed with anti-corrosive solution.
    • Any loose components must be properly secured to skids, crates, etc.
    • Set your “Asking Price” for the machine to cover the labor to perform the above tasks.
  • Rigging and Loading:
    • Rigging and Loading is 100% responsibility of the buyer.
    • If you have a forklift and/or an overhead crane and can load the machine onto a truck for us, that’s great!
    • If you don’t have the means of loading the equipment, we will take care of rigging/loading.
  • Transportation:
    • As part of our services, we handle the transportation of the machine to the buyer’s shop.
    • Transportation is 100% responsibility of the buyer.

Sales Deadline:

  • We don’t have a strict “Sales Deadline” Policy; however:
    • If the machine is not sold within 60 days from the posted date, we will contact you and ask you if we can reduce the selling price by 5% in an effort to sell the machine.
    • After 90 days, we will contact you again and ask you if we can reduce selling price by another 5%.
    • If the machine does not sell after 120 days, we may remove it from our website without further notice.
    • Please keep in mind that we will still charge a Finder’s “Fee/Commission” of 10% of the reduced price.
  • If in the meantime you sell the machine please let us know so we can remove it from the website or noted as “SOLD”.